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Daily Fishing Reports

Mon - Mar 24 2014
Orange Beach, Alabama kicks off it’s spring break fishing season
The 2014 fishing season is finally here. Our season usually always begins with the spring break crowd as they dig their way out of the snow to find their way to the beautiful beaches to enjoy some milder temperatures and of course some great fishing. What has been the coldest longest winter I have seen […]

Thu - Jan 23 2014
New info on the age of Great White Sharks
This is some pretty cool new info from NOAA about the age of Great White Sharks. I would have never thought that they would have lived that long. I don't think that I have ever seen but just one in my career we were south of Orange Beach about 100 miles when it swam under the boat while we on a two-day trip catching tunas. ~ by Capt Johnny Greene

Fri - Jan 03 2014
News and updates for January 2014
Well it’s that time of year again where we have to start doing the major work to the boat. Now is when we stop fishing to take the boat out of the water and clean and repair the bottom. This year we will be going over to Barbers Marina which is very nice sprawling facility […]

Sat - Dec 14 2013
Fishing report for December 2013
As the weather has cooled off a good bit this winter as predicted the fishing has just gotten better and better. We have had great catches of Amberjacks, vermillion snapper, white snapper and scamps. Not sure about the offshore fishing as we have not been down there in the last several weeks but my guess […]

Thu - Sep 26 2013
Alabama deep-sea fishing report
Over the past couple of months the fishing has continued to improve I just get better and better as the fall time is approaching. It’s no secret to those of you who have just with me in the past that the late-summer fall and early winter my favorite times of year to go fishing. We […]

Mon - Jul 08 2013
Fishing report for first week of July, 2013
Over the past week of board the charter boat Intimidator we have had some very good fishing trips. The scamp and grouper bite on the full day 12 hour charters has been pretty good. One day it’ll be slow but the next day It’ll be really good. The same trend kind of continues for the […]

Sun - Jun 23 2013
Third week of Snapper Season off Alabama
Over the past week red snapper fishing has continued to be as good as ever. We have had to travel a little further than normal offshore to catch some nice fish fortunately it has all worked out.

Sat - Jun 15 2013
Afternoon fishing trips with Outdoors Without Limits
Friday afternoons charter was a donation to the Outdoors Without Limits trip that caters to organizations such as a wounded warriors and others. It was very a very cool feeling to see the guys in the wheelchairs and prosthetics be able to enjoy catching some American red snapper. Thank you for all that you do. […]

Mon - Jun 03 2013
Red Snapper season 2013 is in!
For those of you who have been waiting for your opportunity to catch and keep some red snapper now is your time.  We have been doing very well over the last very days and the fishing continues to be good as we shift our efforts and focus towards the family style fishing trips. These trips […]

Mon - May 20 2013
New grey triggerfish regulations to go into effect
After the recent stock assessment for great triggerfish national Marine fisheries service has announced new regulations that will go in place for the 2013 fishing season. Gray triggerfish will close from June 1 to July 31 and reopen on August 1, 2013 with a 2 fish bag limit and a 14 inch size limit. After […]

Cost of Deep Sea Fishing Trips
on Intimidator Deep Sea Fishing Boat

(As of Dec 1, 2013)

We look forward to providing you with the best possible fishing experience you can have.
Target Species: (Seasonal)
Redfish, Spanish / King Mackerel, Bonita, and Cobia
* Prices based on 10 people (10% addition per person over 10)
Type of Trip Year Round  
* Prices based on 10 people (10% addition per person over 10)
Type of Trip Year Round  
SUPER 6 HOUR $2,000  
* Prices based on 10 people
(10% addition per person over 10, MAX of 12 people)
Type of Trip Year Round  
2 DAY TRIP $7,000  
3 DAY TRIP $13,000  
Friday - Saturday Minimum Price $1500
* Captains discretion on departure time
Current Fuel cost: $4.09 as of January 22, 2014

* Pricing Information:
Customary gratuity for mate is 20-25% of the trip price. Fish cleaning is free with minimum 20% tip. (Normal fish cleaning fee is $0.30 cents per whole weight pound)
All prices quoted are cash discounted.
All reservations are considered tentative until a deposit is received.
All deposits are nonrefundable unless cancellation is received ninety (45) days prior to departure date on all trips.
Should there be any substantial increase in the cost of diesel fuel, we may find it necessary to impose a surcharge.
If no deposit is received within 10 days of reservation, space becomes available to first depositing customer.
In the event of inclement weather the trip will be rescheduled. The Captain has final say on weather.
If you are ready to book a trip with us or have any questions, then just give us a call at
I am the owner/operator of the Intimidator; I will personally assist you in booking your trip and will do everything in my power to make it a successful adventure. If you call or e-mail and I do not get right back with you I am most likely offshore out of phone range but, I will check my messages and return your call as soon as possible. I would rather make the arrangements with you personally to make sure that we are on the same page.
P.O. Box 1543
Orange Beach, Al. 36561

Gulf of Mexico
Fishing Conditions, Updates
And Live Reports

Jun 7, 2013

The Deep Sea Fishing Report for the charter boat Intimidator. Over the past couple of weeks stationing on the Intimidator has been very good. Red snapper season 2013 has been good and we look forward to the last couple of weeks of the season which will be on Friday, June 28.

Gag grouper will open July 1 and will make for lots of fun on the full day trips as we get to participate in a sure enough grouper fishery. Available fish to be caught on a full-day charter are gag grouper, scamp, red grouper, yellow edge grouper and tilefish. You can also keep Vermillion snapper, white snapper and king mackerel.

In August, amberjack will re-open a long with the afore mentioned species above and you will get to do some of the most premier fishing that we have to offer.

July through early December is absolutely my most favorite time of year to fish offshore as the yellowfin and blackfin tuna like a strong showing. This is also a great time of year to catch a dolphin or a marlin as well. During the late summer fall to the early winter time we will average about two overnight trips a week. If you have ever considered a overnight trip this is your opportunity to have a memorable action-packed offshore adventure.

I have been updating almost daily our Facebook page with 20 to 30 photographs per trip as opposed to a full-blown written fishing report. It seems people enjoy the photographs and I struggle for words at different times.

A couple of times a week I also updated my blog with pertinent fishing information and random fishing reports, as the weather will allow. Please be sure to follow along, and please offer me some feedback on the photographs versus fishing reports or any other suggestions that you may have.

Please see our new Google+ page and as always follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
251   747 – 2872

Fishing Report by
Capt Johnny Greene
Charter Boat Intimidator

May 19, 2013

The Deep Sea Fishing Report for the charter boat Intimidator. Fishing over the last month has been really good from big yellowfin tuna to small lure tickling mackerels.

Four hour trolling trips: We have not run any four hours this year due to the absence of any king or spanish mackerel to be caught, with any consistency. However, over the last week the mackerels have showed up and those boats staying near shore have done quite well.

Six-hour half day fishing trips: These trips have consistently been the most popular trip that we run for families looking for a good time. We have had some very good catches this year and fully expect that trend to continue with snapper season starting in just a few weeks.

On the full day fishing charters we have had good luck with some nice triggerfish, Vermillion snapper, and Amber jacks. These trips last week, have really allowed us to showcase our ability to produce high-quality trips for you.

Overnight deep sea fishing charters: As many of you may know, we have always ran a lot of overnight deep sea fishing charters. As proof of what we have done, please make sure to read our fishing reports, you should be quite amazed. From giant yellowfin tuna to some of the prettiest scamp fishing we have had in a long time, these trips continue to get better and better.

If you were looking for a new charter fishing vessel to help entertain your family or group of anglers please consider us as we have been around for over 20 years and will be glad to share our friendly and knowledgeable expertise with you. Make sure to follow us on twitter and Facebook as we take pictures and update daily.

Please see our new Google+ page and as always follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
251   747 – 2872

Fishing Report by
Capt Johnny Greene
Charter Boat Intimidator

May 7, 2013

Orange Beach / Gulf Shores Intimidator deep sea fishing charter boat report - Over the past month we have enjoyed some of the finest offshore overnight tuna fishing trips we have had in a long time.

The offshore deep sea fishing - started off really good with fish in close around the Ram Powell. Then they migrated on offshore with the recent cool weather that we have had. The blue water has been in really close too, and we have seen some scattered grass and some flying fish. It has truly been very good for yellowfin and blackfin tuna. We have caught a couple of wahoo as well as a few Dolphin and mahi-mahi.

Bottom deep sea fishing trips - we have ran a good many six hour charters this spring and have done very well with triggerfish, Vermillion snapper and white snapper. On the longer overnight trips we have done surprisingly well with big scamps and red groupers.

Nearshore trolling trips - nearshore trolling has not been very good this spring at all. I would render a guess that it is only due to all of the late-season cold fronts that have roared through and the fact that the water temperature has remained fairly low for this time of year. However, this will quickly improve as we have had a predominant Southeast wind flow over the last couple of weeks.

Please see our new Google+ page and as always follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
251   747 – 2872

Fishing Report by
Capt Johnny Greene
Charter Boat Intimidator

Johnny Greene