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About The Crew

Captains might talk about how great they are or even perhaps, about how nice the boat is. Well that is all fine and dandy as the captains ability is certainly a part of a successful trip but, a good crew can make a big difference between a good trip and a great trip!

Meet your crew

Two Mates of the Intimidator Charter Boat

I spent many years in the cockpit before moving up to the wheel house. I can assure you working in the cockpit is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding careers a person could ever want to have. A true professional mate has to be good at what they do along with being friendly, polite and respectful. The crew on any charter boat is one of the most overlooked and underrated parts of a successful trip and we always have a crew of 2-3 full time guys depending on the length of the trip.

The crew on my boat is what makes the trip pleasant and enjoyable for you. While I am upstairs in the pilot house keeping the boat on top of the fish, your mates are making sure that your catching fish and having fun. One thing is for certain, without customers like you going fishing with us, we would not be able to pursue our passion for deep-sea fishing.

This is not an easy job (being a mate) as there is a lot more to it that you never see. Besides the obvious work while we are out fishing, like rigging tackle, cutting bait and cleaning. What most customers don't realize is that we all work together to change oil, repair and maintain all the onboard systems along with grinding fiberglass, painting, waxing and a million other necessary jobs.


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